Scholastic, Inc.

Literacy Pro

  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

Literacy Pro is a comprehensive digital platform that gives students agency in their success as independent readers and critical thinkers. It gives educators and administrators the real-time data to support them in reaching their potential.

2020 CODiE finalist
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  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • UX Design


Literacy Pro gives students agency in their success as independent readers and critical thinkers. We created an immersive world of in-app reading for a dynamic, personalized reading and skill building experience. I led the redesign for the US audience of this international flagship product.

Literacy Pro lets readers build a personalized bookshelf, filled with titles aligned to their interests and grade level. We added features like an engaging interest survey and a powerful search to appeal to a broad audience, from pre-readers to digital native sixth graders. The interface uses unique icons to initiate searches based on the user’s interests. Books expand to show additional information, including if the user’s reading level match.

Personalizing your library

For our users to feel invested in their own success, we gave them agency over their reading choices and goals. From their first interaction with the product, they are in control of their experience. We designed a colorful introductory survey where users choose their own avatar, tell us how they feel about reading, select between a few genre-specific books, and select their subject interests from an image library. Then they set their own goals for how often and for how long they will read each week. With all this new information, the first view of their personalized library is created just for them.

The Interest Survey evolved from a text based interaction in wireframes to an immersive and exciting experience, to draw in new readers regardless of reading level.


The intuitive e-reader exists within the product for immediate access as a full screen takeover. Quizzes measuring comprehension slide in over the reader, so the readers won’t lose their place.

Student Profile and Reading Log

Students can track progress towards their reading goals, change their interests, and swap out their avatar. They can see details of their reading lists, add reviews, and even add non-digital books to their lists and clock offline reading time.

The Teacher Experience

Teachers have access to powerful sets of real-time, interactive data, showing both class-wide progress and outlier students who need attention. They can view detailed leveling reports, quiz results showing comprehension of essential skills, trending books and interests in their classrooms.


The student overview report lets teachers quickly see an individual students’ book lists, areas of reading interest, progress towards their reading goals, time spent with books, and skills comprehension.

Teachers can run detailed search queries on the full library to assign class readings based on levels, genre, interest, grade, and page count.